About BSA
BSA is highly customer driven company. It services a variety of customers, ranging from Manufacturers of Processed Meat & Processed Foods, Fast Food Chains, Casual Dine Chains, Fine Dine Chains, to Standalone Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial Caterers, Flight Kitchens, Commissaries, Commercial Kitchens, Caterers, Meat Shops. Our products & services are offered in a way that it takes care of the needs of Large volume customers as well as Small volume customers, in a convenient and economical way.
BSA Gourmet Range of Pre-customised products
BSA brings a range of pre-customised products, of international quality standards, proudly made in India, that can be used in different ways by different customers to create great food bearing their signatures. BSA Gourmet products come packed in convenient standardized packs sizes. Smaller cartons packing sizes ensure so that you do not have to order big quantities. To explore our pre-customized product range, suitable to your need, pls see our folowing catalog websites. BSA will continue to add more products regularly, as per our customer requirements. So if you find that a products you need does not exist, lets us know and we will try to develop that product as fast as possible and put that product on our catalog soon. We will also progressively add more features to make your experience of buying products from BSA convenient and more enjoyable.
For Food Service Establishments, Chain Restaurants, Standalone Hotels, Restaurants & Catering: www.bsagourmet-FSD.com
Whether you are a chain of restaurant with multiple restaurant units across India, or a Stand-alone fine dine or Casual dine Restaurant, Hotel, Catering company or commissary, we bring a range of products that make Kitchen operations simple, fast and yet economical. With our products, you can achieve standardization across multiple restaurant units in terms of product taste, and operational practices. Our product range is available in convenient unit pack / carton pack sizes, so you wont need to order quantities that you wont need. Please explore the product range on our catalog website www.bsagourmet-FSD.com. Products are door delivered to you, all across India. BSA takes pride in its short delivery times and quality customer service.
For processed meat manufacturers: www.bsagourmet-meats.com
For several years now, BSA has been servicing the Indian Processed Meat Industry with high quality products. BSA products follow the Global Standards in Meat Processing Technology. Now, for the advantage of medium and small Meat processors also, BSA Bring a range of Pre Standardized products for value added meat processing. Please explore the product range on our catalog website www.bsagourmet-meats.com
For Processed food manufacturers: www.bsagourmet-FPD.com
BSA offers high quality Seasonings and functional mixes for use by food processing Industry across various segments such as Mayonnaise, Dressings, Ketchups, Snack Dips / Sauces, Potato & corn chips, Cooking Gravies, Ready Meals, Pasta, Noodles and many more. Please explore the product range on our catalog website www.bsagourmet-FPD.com
For resellers / distributors : www.bsagourmet.in
If you wish to distribute / resell our products in your area, please send us your interest. Log on to www.bsagourmet.in
Fully Customized Products From BSA
If none of the above products options suit your requirement, BSA can develop from scratch fully customized products for you, in line with your special requirement including process parameters, which also includes a customized pack sizes. We offer customized pack size ranging from small sachets to large industrial use packs, that suit your business. Customized products are not offered to any other customers, something which is taken very seriously at BSA. Please get in touch with our customer service and we will be happy to meet you for a discussion and understand your requirements.

Our team of experienced Chefs / Technologists are available to give you a Live DEMO of our products at our fully equipped application Kitchen cum Meat Lab located at its R&D Centre in Gurgaon.

Come with your ideas, at our fully equipped application Kitchen cum Meat Lab located at its R&D Centre in Gurgaon and go back with a product that meets your requirement. BSA is appreciated by its customers, for its fast turnaround time from concept to reality. Our technical support team will be happy to hand hold the process for integration of our product, with your Production Processes. Contact us and we will be happy to come to discuss your requirements. For scheduling a Demo, please contact our customer service representative.
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